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Teamsters’ Unionizing Efforts In Cannabis Industry: Cresco Labs … – Benzinga

The Teamsters have a couple of new members from the cannabis industry – a weed dispensary and delivery service.

Workers at Cresco Labs’ CRLBF Sunnyside Dispensary in Buffalo Grove, Ill. have unanimously voted to join the Teamsters Local 777. The first Sunnyside location to affiliate with the Teamsters union was the dispensary in Schaumburg, Illinois this past September.

“This is the third location at this company to j…….

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How to get weed delivered to your door – DU Clarion – DU Clarion

If you use recreational marijuana regularly, you’ve probably considered how nice it would be to get your weed, edibles, tinctures, et cetera, delivered straight to your door. I know how nice it would be if I didn’t have to use a search engine to search “dispensary near me open” every time I ran low.

It’s challenging to know when dispensaries are open, and (especially if you’re in a new place) it’s also hard to figure out whether there are any weed di…….

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N.J. commission proposes licensing requirements for weed delivery – WHYY

Precious Osage-Erese said she was “excited” to read up on the “fleshed out” proposed regulations for cannabis delivery applicants. The East Orange native is the chief operating officer of Roll Up Life, Inc., a Black-owned cannabis delivery business based in her hometown.

She said mapping out a business strategy proved to be a challenge without knowing the commission’s rules for delivery services, though her organization found ways to manage.


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Detroit’s Pink Panties Pizza delivers weed-infused pies that will … – Detroit Metro Times

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Randiah Camille Green

Detroit’s Pink Panties Pizza seems shady, but it’s actually legit.

When I first heard about Pink Panties Pizza, a Detroit-based THC-infused pizza delivery service, I thought it was fake.

But it is, indeed, very real.

A delivery driver handed me a box with “warning, this pizza got weed in it… good weed…” written on it. A cartoon pizza on the box wearing panties, fishnet stockings, and heels smiled back at me.


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Coastal Opens Dispensary and Delivery Service in Northern California – Cannabis Business Times

Grön, a Portland, Ore.-based producer of cannabis-infused edibles, has built its business with a focus on minor cannabinoids and effects-based products, including its popular CBN offerings.

But its product mix may soon have to change. 

Regulators in Oregon, concerned about the potential of harmful byproducts in artificially derived cannabinoids—and particularly worried about the unregulated delta-8 products that were appearing on the shelves of grocery stores and gas stations…….

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New York’s weed laws mean marijuana is legal but the stores selling it aren’t yet – Vox.com

New York City’s crisp autumn air has a distinct scent to it, and this year that scent is weed. Many of the city streets have a fresh look to them, too — marijuana and cannabis products are for sale, out in the open, everywhere. New York legalized recreational marijuana in the spring of 2021, but the state is still in the process of doling out licenses to legally sell it, which makes the situation … confusing.

So I recently treated myself to a little NYC…….

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Every Recreational Cannabis Delivery Service in Nevada – Thrillist

Blum*(775) 420-2586Delivery Area: 89429, 89410, 89460, 89449, 89448, 89411, 89413, 89705, 89423, 89403, 89440, 89408, 89703, 89701, 89706, 89440, 89704, 89451, 89508, 89441, 89436, 89433, 89434, 89521, 89511, 89523, 89506, 89519, 89503, 89502, 89509, 89431 

The Dispensary*(775) 499-2972Delivery Area: Within Reno City Limits

Exhale(702) 367-0537Delivery Area: Throughout the Reno Area


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With warehouse delivery service, Easthampton’s Budzee aims to become the Amazon of weed – Valley Advocate

Seen from the road, the commercial warehouse at 17 East St. is unassuming. A garage door opens up to a sally port in the front with a drab office building connected to the side.

The ambitions of its owners, however, are anything but modest; they want their new company, Budzee, to become the first Amazon-esque delivery service for marijuana in the state and possibly the country.

“This model doesn’t exist anywhere,” co-founder Kevin Perrier said during a recent tour of…….

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Eaze to become America’s largest cannabis delivery service after buying Green Dragon – TechCrunch

Eaze this week announced significant plans to expand into one of the U.S.’s largest cannabis delivery services. One of the original on-demand cannabis delivery services, the Bay Area-based company is set to acquire cannabis retailer and cultivator Green Dragon, which operates in the hot markets of Colorado and Florida. Combined with existing operations in California and Michigan, the deal would find Eaze operating in America’s four largest cannabis markets.</p…….

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11 Best SF Cannabis Delivery Dispensaries of 2022 To Medicate Safely – SFist

Last Updated August 24, 2022

My generation of San Franciscans were the city’s alternative artists, hippies, and stoners. That’s still true to a certain extent, but nowadays San Francisco is also a hub for cutting-edge innovation and convenient on-demand services. In the past several years, there has been a clear uptick in the popularity of on-demand doorstep delivery. To be fair, the Bay Area has had a booming cannabis delivery economy even before you could make an order online. Howev…….