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Precious Osage-Erese said she was “excited” to read up on the “fleshed out” proposed regulations for cannabis delivery applicants. The East Orange native is the chief operating officer of Roll Up Life, Inc., a Black-owned cannabis delivery business based in her hometown.

She said mapping out a business strategy proved to be a challenge without knowing the commission’s rules for delivery services, though her organization found ways to manage.

“While you can use a lot of marketing research, which was what we used in Massachusetts and a couple of other states, you can sort of anticipate what the rules can be and draft up some operating procedures that way,” Osagie-Erese said. “Then when the rules come, you can tweak what needs to be tweaked. Essentially, that’s what we did.”

Osagie-Erese added that she thinks that regulators have made it easier for cannabis delivery companies in the state to turn a profit, highlighting the proposed “one-person” rule, which provides that only one employee needs to be in the car during drop offs.

Some states, like Massachusetts, require two employees in a car for delivery transactions.

New Jersey would also allow deliveries in cities that have opted out of cannabis retail sales, unlike Massachusetts, Osagie-Erese said.

“’I’m happy to see some of the things that are going to make it a lot more manageable for delivery services to operate in the state,” Osagie-Erese said.

So far, the CRC has only authorized licenses for cultivators, manufacturers, and some retailers.

The public can comment on the proposals, which are listed on the CRC’s website, until Sept. 30.

Recreational sales began in the state in April.

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